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GrappleGraph is not just a journal; it's a tool designed for athletes who are serious about their performance and growth. Crafted with the modern sportsman and sportswoman in mind, this unique planner incorporates daily reflections, monthly overviews, and an end-of-year reflection to ensure continuous development. Whether you're tracking your daily workouts, setting monthly goals, or reviewing your annual progress, GrappleGraph provides a structured approach to help you achieve your utmost potential in any sport. Furthermore, we're excited to offer a physical journal available soon on Kickstarter, as well as a digital companion app set to launch on the App Store and Google Play Store, ensuring flexibility in how you plan and reflect on your athletic journey.

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Start with a yearly overview which offers a bird's-eye view of your athletic milestones, setting the stage for long-term planning and reflecting on the bigger picture of your sports journey.


Start each month with a month's overview which provides a comprehensive snapshot of your training, goals, and progress, allowing you to strategize and optimize your athletic journey for the weeks ahead.


Pre practice analysis and post practice reflections daily, allows you to delve deep into each training session, refining your techniques and understanding your growth, one day at a time.


End each month with a monthly overview, provide a bird's-eye view of your progress, helping you to track milestones and stay focused on your long-term athletic objectives.


Conclude your year with the yearly reflection, allowing you to assess your achievements, learn from challenges, and set the stage for even greater success ahead.


GrappleGraph emerged from a genuine passion for sports and the quest for continuous improvement. Founded by Chase Saldate, a decorated wrestler with accolades that span from being coached by UFC legends to achieving top rankings nationally, GrappleGraph is more than just a journal—it's the embodiment of an athlete's journey. Witnessing the challenges and triumphs of both combat and mainstream sports, Chase envisioned a tool that would cater to athletes' unique needs, ensuring their progress is recorded, reflected upon, and refined. The essence of GrappleGraph is to be by an athlete's side, driving them towards their goals, making every training session count.

Get to Know Us

At GrappleGraph, we're more than just a brand—we're a testament to the spirit of sports and determination. Our roots trace back to the bustling streets of Gilroy, California, where our founder, Chase Saldate, embarked on a wrestling journey at the tender age of 7. Under the mentorship of UFC double champ, Daniel Cormier, and amidst the inspiring presence of legends like Khabib Nurmagomedov and Islam Makachev, Chase understood the essence of dedication, resilience, and ambition. With accolades that echo his commitment to the sport, and having witnessed the sporting journeys of family members in football and other domains, Chase conceptualized GrappleGraph. We're not just a product; we're a chronicle of countless hours spent on the mat, the field, and the gym. Dive into the world of GrappleGraph and join our family, where every athlete's story is worth chronicling.

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